Digital Transformation

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan


We always keep expecting more from everyone, from individual level to organization level. Your manager expects you to work long hours, your mangers’ manager expects him to deliver projects before time…in this expectation cycle, we tend to forget, even mother nature expects something from us. She expects us to respect her back, give her whatever we are taking away from her.

In the busy daily work-life, we only take from the environment. Someone rightly said, “What you take, you give back”. To prove this right, Infosenseglobal organized a cleanliness campaign “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” on 8th November 2016.

Any activity that takes a road to completion with a touch of fun, is always a success. We decided to break the whole task into small segments making it a fun filled and interacting experience.

The campaign started with gathering of all the senior members at the premises. All dressed smartly in t-shirts specially designed for the campaign, used a common yet unique technique of numbers to divide themselves into 5 teams. Followed by a really funny explanation for choosing their leader amongst them.

We had selected a 110ft long roadside patch near Pratham Oasis, Sargasan, Gandhinagar. The whole patch was decided equally into 5 patches for the 5 teams each. All the members of each of the teams, clad with hand gloves, nose masks, brooms, broom-sticks, garbage bags started with a basic plan to start collecting the collectible garbage into bag and sweeping from both the ends. The teams were given a total of 40 mins to clean their patch, which, after seeing their quick progress was reduced to 30mins.

The overall motive behind doing this campaign was not only to give back to the society, but also, to give our member an exercise in team building, business process, not to forget, the experience of getting into their shoes.

After successfully completing the tasks at hand and a considerable admiration of the work done, the teams returned and had a debrief session that clearly pointed out their learnings and shortcomings.

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